All Inclusive

Tour packet

Here at The Teaching Tree we know how difficult it can be to get out the door in the mornings with the kids, diaper bags, lunches, blankets, and more.

That is why we have made it our mission to provide as much as we can so it will be easier for our families.

Provided Daily


Organic featured menu serving AM snack, lunch, and PM snack


Organic baby food and cereal


Diapers and pull ups


Baby wipes


Crib sheets


Swaddle blankets


Cot sheets


Cot blankets


Sensitive laundry detergent for weekly in house washing.




Packed lunches for field trips


Water bottles


Sippy cups




Age appropriate activities


Art supplies


Weekly specials including Social Stories, Music and Movement, Gardening, Yoga, Sign Language and Spanish

Taking care of the environment is very important to us. That is why we want to do our part to GO GREEN!


Paperless Daily Reports

Our daily reports are all virtual through Kangarootime. Viewpictures from your child's day, see what they learned each day, view your bill, and even send messages to your teacher all fromthe palm of your hand.



Recycling is a very important part of going green. Eachclassroom has their own recycling bin so that everyone is ableto recycle and we even educate our kids on the importance ofrecycling.


Raised Garden Bed

Our raised garden bed not only teaches kids the growth of aplant, but they also have the ability to pick and enjoy the fruitsof their labor with farm to table dining.


Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We always encourage families and communities to donate theirgently used toys, clothes, etc. to be used here at our school.This is not only incredibly helpful for our busy learners, but agreat way to reduce our carbon footprint.


Upward Dogs Kids Yoga come to our school to teach yoga to our children. They learn different yoga moves through songs, learn breathing techniques for calming down, and even end with meditation.

Social Emotional stories

We use social stories and puppets to help educate children about their feelings and creating coping skills when feeling upset or angry. Teaching children things like how to be a good friend, breathing techniques when angry, and how to ask for help.

Music and Movement

Music is incredibly important for children of all ages. It is a whole other way of learning, communicating and also working and stimulating all different parts of the brain.


Little Ninos comes to our school every week to teach children Spanish using music, instruments, and even dancing. Our children LOVE IT!

Gardening Club

Our students help to plant, care for, and even pick the fruits and veggies we grow in our raised garden bed. This special is seasonal.


Our local library comes to our school each month so our students can check out new and exciting books. This really helps children to stay excited about reading.


American Sign Language is an important skill to learn and also tons of fun. All lessons are incorporated with our weekly themes and the kids love learning a new language with their hands.


1. Get the app from any App Store or go online at
2. Click on the registration tab and complete the information required for authentication
3. Your information will then be verified by our office staff
4. Log in anytime during school hours and see your child LIVE! 

Kangarootime is our management software and also our parent connectivity tool. It works on all computers, tablets, and smart phones.

It helps our school stay safe while also staying connected with our families at all times.

Kangarootime has it all!

•  A secure child check in and out feature

•  Ability to view photos and daily notes of your child’s day.

•  Secure messaging with administration and directly with your child’s teacher.

•  View the calendar of events.

•  Update your child’s allergies, emergency contacts, and upload documents. 

•  Pay your tuition in the secure online billing.

•  Access your financial statements online for tax or employer purposes.

Getting enrolled is easy. Once we get you into our system an email will be sent to you and you can set up your account right away!

Helping families stay connected!


On the first Friday of every month our teachers host a parents night out. It starts at 6pm and ends at 10pm.
Teachers plan a fun and exciting night for the kids while their parents are able to enjoy the evening alone.
Your job is to enjoy your time without the kids and leave the fun to us. Your kids will have a pizza party dinner, get in pajamas, and do fun activities and art projects. They play games and finish the evening out with a movie before parent’s come to pick them up.

We take kids of all ages from 6 weeks all the way to school age.  Space is limited so make sure to get your child’s name on the sign up sheet ASAP!  Contact us for details!