The Importance of Teaching Self Help Skills At Home

Teaching self help skills is critical in a child’s development.

As parents one of our biggest jobs are to ensure that our children are successful when they have moved out and are living on their own.

The last thing we want as parents is for our kids to be completely dependent on us when they are adults. They need to know that no matter what the challenge or obstacle is they have the skills to accomplish it.

This will not only help them in life but also in school and in their careers.

We need to be the ones there for our kids when they need us but only as a cheerleader. Let them know we believe in them so when the hard stuff in life comes up they know they can do it and have the confidence to do it.

This starts even in infancy when allowing them a few minutes to try and feed themselves with a spoon or toddlers learning how to start dressing themselves.

If you are wondering what self help skills to start working on with your children look up age appropriate activities for your child’s age group and go from there. Work on one thing at a time and watch them start to master these skills.

I hope this was helpful to you and if you have any questions or tips for your favorite self help skills put them in the comments below!