How To Show Up After A Day Of Teaching: Go To Bed!

This is week 5 of my 6 weeks of tips to show up better at home after a long day of teaching.

This has been the biggest struggle for my teachers and also for myself. It can be so hard to show up after a long day of teaching children. But, if you follow my tips you will not only have the energy to show up at home; but you will show up better in all aspects of your life.

You will see a huge shift in your teaching strategies, your relationships, your energy levels. These 6 tips will help you change your entire life. Because you can’t show up for everyone else if you don’t first show up for yourself.

This week I am talking about sleep and why it is important to stop binge watching Netflix before bed. I used to think I needed to enjoy a couple of hours to myself before bed while the kids were asleep. That way I could unwind and relax. But, it just made things harder for me in the morning and the day was running me.

I now go to bed at 8:30pm every night so I can get a solid 7.5-8 hours of sleep every night and I can get a couple of hours in the morning to myself during the most productive time of my day.

Now, take my advice and GO TO SLEEP!


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