DIY Summer Activity!

A quick and easy activity you can make today to keep your kids busy for HOURS! Summer can be a very tough time for parents. Juggling work, kids camps, activities, and normal day to day house hold jobs. That is why at The Teaching Tree we created our summer camp program. This program is designed to keep your kids on their daily schedule while mom and dad work and the kids are able to do fun and exciting activities and field trips that will keep them from saying that dreaded sentence “I’M BORED”. However, there are still times at home where parents need to keep their kids busy. At our house my husband and I do a lot of work from home in our home office. So, in times like this we need our kids to stay busy while we get some work done. That is where the SPONGE BOMB comes in. These quick little “bombs” have kept my kids busy and running around for hours… while also cleaning my car as well.