Our infant program is completely devoted to the well being of our infants. We provide our littlest munchkins with a quiet, serene atmosphere where they can play and learn and just be babies! We have separate play and nap areas, allowing for a more relaxed, peaceful rest period.

Our infants get to run the show in their class room, eating and sleeping on demand. Our high quality staff develop relationships with your baby, fostering optimal learning. They will play with colors, numbers and shapes, sing songs and look at books. All this along with the typical holding, cuddling and cooing that take place all day long.

Our infant program is top-notch!


Toddlers are naturally curious and eager little learners. Their brains are like sponges, absorbing all the knowledge they can, and that is why each day in our toddler program is filled with learning activities disguised as FUN! Our learning experiences are designed to promote a toddler’s blossoming independence, develop their social skills and foster self-confidence. Our teachers are knowledgeable about the ever changing development of toddlers and can easily adapt programs and activities to each individual child’s age and stage. You will love our program and will be amazed at just how much your toddler will learn in our super FUN Toddler Class!!


Our 2-3 year olds are so ready to learn how to be “big-kids” (ie—preschoolers.) The days in this class-room are more structured than in the toddler class, prepping them for the Preschool classes. The have daily circle time, arts & crafts, stores, songs, dancing, gym time, and lots and lots of POTTY TRAINING!!

Yes, that’s right…. learning to use the potty is an important life skill essential to developing independence, and our teachers are PRO’s at partnering with you on this.

Teachers are also working with your child on small motor skills such as holding crayons/pencils and cutting with scissors as well as the basic ABC’s and 123’s of any preschool class!


Our Preschool class rooms are focused on school readiness. They focus on enhancing your child’s confidence and independence by providing activities to help them become problem solvers and life long learners.

Social skills are developed and nurtured as your preschool-er is learning how to be a good friend. Classroom jobs introduce the concepts of responsibility and dependability to your child.

While we prefer children to be potty trained for pre-school, we will help your child continue to master this skill if needed.


Our organic featured menu is not only a big hit with the kids but also super healthy and good for our little ones. The Teaching Tree strives to en-courage healthy bodies in healthy minds in all as-pects of our curriculum and it all starts with out food.


ONLY authorized persons are able to enter the building by using our Kangarootime entry system. Any unknown person MUST ring the bell for entry by staff, ensuring our munchkin’s safety everyday!


Our teachers communicate your child’s daily activities with you through our Kangarootime app. Diapers, bottles, meals, naps and activities are all entered, as well as reminders for supplies and upcoming events!! Always know what happened in your child’s day and receive pictures through out our day. You also have the ability to unlock the door, message your teachers and view your bill all from Kangarootime.


Every Tuesday Upward Dogs Yoga has a fun filled yoga class with our kids 18 months and up. They work on yoga poses in a fun musical way. Then, they end with meditation with a cool lavender rag on their heads. This is another way we encourage healthy bodies and healthy minds.


Here at The Teaching Tree we do our best to pro-vide the most possible for our families. We know how hard mornings can be so that’s why we pro-vide as much as possible for all the busy families as a special thank you! We provide everything from diapers and wipes, healthy organic featured menu, sunscreen in the summer, and even blan-kets for nap! We also have included specials as well including things like Music, Spanish, Science and more!


Our mission is to change the world by educating, loving, and caring for children..

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